Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Vimercate (Milan), Rollon manufactures linear motion components used in a wide variety of industrial applications and has subsidiaries in Germany, France, the US and Holland.

Rollon has pioneered the introduction of medium-precision rails (more flexible and easier to use than the high-precision version), becoming in a few years the acknowledged technological leader within the sector. Its strong market position, combined with a recognised brand name throughout Europe, has created significant barriers to the entry of new competitors.

In 2003, the KPPEF, together with some entrepreneurs, took control of the company, in financial distress, by injecting fresh capital and implementing a turnaround plan that has been completed successfully in the following 18 months.

In 2010 Rollon was sold to Axa Private Equity (now Ardian) and the CPEF in a leverage buy-out transaction.

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