The company

Consilium is an asset management company dedicated to private equity.

Consilium is independent and not affiliated to any industrial or banking concern.

Consilium, wholly owned by its partners, aims to generate superior medium term capital returns through equity investments in Italian small and medium – sized enterprises (SMEs).


Kairos Partners Private Equity Fund (2001) €45 million – wound up in 2011

Consilium Private Equity Fund (2006) €151 milion

Consilium Private Equity Fund III (2014) €145 milion

Consilium Private Equity Fund IV (2020 – currently in fundraising)


Our principles

Ability to act quickly: fast decision making process thanks to Consilium’s lean and organisation.
Sophisticated skills: Consilium can structure and execute complex transactions leveraging the mix of professional skill of its partners.
Proprietary deal flow: Consilium’s extensive network of contacts provides access to exclusive investment opportunities.
Partnership with the management: Consilium promotes the involvement of management of its portfolio companies through incentive systems tied to the performances of the deal.


Filippo Zabban – Chairman

Stefano Iamoni – CEO

Antonio Glorioso – CEO

Roberto De Rossi

Marcello Maruelli

Parola Chirizzi

Marco Morgese

Luca Paravicini Crespi

Pietro Villa – Presidente

Michele Casò

Andrea de’ Mozzi

Giuseppe Moschini – Internal Audit

Consilia Regulatory – Compliance

Filippo Zabban – Anti-money laundering

Quantyx Sim – Risk Management

Quantyx Advisors srl – Ratings


24 May 2019

Gelit Acquisition

27 Mar 2019

Celli Sale

1 Mar 2019

Macron Acquisition

1 Mar 2019

Macron Sale

30 Jun 2016

GMM acquisition

29 Jun 2016

Faccin acquisition

13 Jan 2015

Navigare acquisition

15 Nov 2013

Rollon Sale

6 Aug 2013

Douglas Sale

2 Jul 2013

Celli acquisition